Sep 29, 2009

boy hat (#9) - finished!

Knit smaller than the pattern, the Boy Hat was super fast to get both onto and off the needles. the crown shaping was different than i'm used to, bringing the ribbing together in a fun way and leaving a mini-star on the top of the hat (seen in the photo).

i used yarn that had been donted by Knitting School Dropout, but i think i picked yarn that was a bit too thin for the hat - it came out a bit flopsy and may not be suitable for the coldest of winter days.

the pattern is great for boys big and small, however, and i can see msyelf using it again, with thicker yarn this time, to keep more and more heads warm! i've got yarn wound up for hat #10, ready to go and ready for the contest, so look for that tomorrow most likely.

Sep 28, 2009

quick note

no, this isn't a hat - it's a baby sweater for a friend. i've got a hat off the needles, and will have FO pictures later tonight, but thought i'd post a quick note here about Warm Woolies.

their greatest need is items for kids ages 10+. i always forget that, and keep trying to make smaller hats for the littler set, which i then struggle to photograph because i am neither a small child nor do i have a small child.

but if i can remember to knit hats that are a bit bigger, that will fit on my head just fine, then i shouldn't be without a model for the rest of the project!

also good to note for those of you who are whipping up Stella hats for the first OHH Challenge.

speaking of the first OHH Challenge, i've got two yarn sellers on board with prizes, and i'll share photos as soon as i get the yarn in my hot little hands, so if you're still considering jumping on board with the challenge, now's the time to do it!

one final note - there's now a One Hundred Hats Ravelry group!

Sep 24, 2009

thorpe (#8) finished!

i got the last bits of Thorpe off the needles last night while watching catch-up episodes of Dexter with a friend, just in time for the photo shoot i'm doing today for the local paper! they're writing an article about the project, and i'll have more details once it goes live. i wanted to have this hat done in time for it, though, so i could have a new hat on the needles and be able to show off almost ten hats done in less than a month of knitting!

Thorpe was a wonderful knit. i used the smallest size, so it's just a bit too tight to fit on my head, which means a child just reaching double-digits should be able to wear it everywhere. the hat worked up fast, and it was fun to work from the top down.

i will freely admit it took several tries to get it cast on properly, as you're working with just four stitches on DPN's to begin with, but once i got the hang of that, the hat worked up like a dream! and with the crochet edging around the bottom, there were only negligible ends to weave in - you can just crochet them into the border as you go! all in all,

i can see many hats like this in my future. but for now, it's a photo shoot, and then hat #10! {with a little giveaway to go along with it!}

Sep 23, 2009

OHH Challenge #1 – Stella!

For our first ever One Hundred Hats Challenge, I’m asking that you knit up Stella hats!

This free pattern works up super fast, using only knit, purl, and k2tog stitches. It’s a great hat for a beginner to work on, because you practice working in the round, decreasing, and you still don’t have to know too much to get through it!

Between now and December 31st, knit through as many Stella hats as you can, and post each one to the One Hundred Hats Flickr Group. Each picture of a new hat will receive one entry into the contest, so if you make more than one hat, post them separately (I won’t count multiple pictures of the same hat as more than one entry)!

The Stella hat pattern can be downloaded free via Ravelry, or you can find the PDF for free on Knitting School Dropout’s blog for those of you who don’t yet Ravel.

Once you finish your hats, send them on to Warm Woolies:
Warm Woolies
5572 E Mansfield Ave
Denver, CO

As for the prizes. I’m currently talking to several independent yarn-dyers about getting some amazing skeins of yarn to you guys as prizes, and I’ll be posting info on each of those as I get the okay. So for now, just know it’ll be yarn, and hopefully a lot of it!

There will be at least one winner, but the goal is to have three or four at least, so get to knitting. {also, I may or may not feature some of the finished hats here on the blog as you get them posted, so be on the lookout for some great community work, hopefully coming soon!}

Sep 17, 2009

pro bono hat - finished (#7)

got home from work, got Pro Bono off the needles! i made the small size, so it's stretching pretty hard to fit over my melon, which means a younger kidlet will be able to wear this bad boy for years and years! the simple 2x2 ribbing in the pattern, coupled with the gorgeous self-striping of the chunky yarn i used made me giddy the entire time i knit this wonder. there's enough of the Araucania Nature Wool Chunky left over that i might be able to push a baby hat out of it, which is wonderful since i LOVE LOVE LOVE the yarn!

Sep 16, 2009

Knitters in need!

before you read any further, go check out Cambodia Knits. It’s a blog run by Monika, who contacted me via Ravelry about some charity yarn. Unfortunately I didn’t have what she needed, but I’m turning to you, the larger knitting community, to ask for help.
Here, in her words, is her story:

I’m looking for bulky and super bulky yarn (again, I’m not sure if that what your friend has). My organization does not do charity knitting, but we are a social enterprise that helps women in marginalized communities gain access to flexible and fair employment that they don’t need to (because they often can’t) leave home for. This is in Cambodia where the access to yarn is all but nada. I’ve found some DK weight yarn in the market which is ok and we’ve made some finger puppets for sale. We’d like to get our hands on bulky weight so the women can make larger toys for sale. I bought some recently in Bangkok, but it was way too pricey since it was all imported from Europe and not many Thais are into bulky knitting…

So I don’t know if we meet the qualifications of a charity knitting org, but at this stage we’re a non-profit, where the income the women generate is just enough to keep us going, buy more yarn, train more knitters and expand the program.

I have a friend who is coming from the US in a few weeks so she would be able to bring some yarn for us if it’s available to us.

Have a look at the blog: to have a look at what we’re doing. It’s still the early days but we’re getting there.

I’d love to help her out, and am weeding through my stash in the hopes of finding any bulky weight yarn – if there are any knitters out there who have any they’d like to donate to her organization as well, contact me at rmcdevineATgmailDOTcom and I will facilitate getting the yarn to Monkia’s friend.

Sep 11, 2009

On Pattern Writing and Interviews

Today over at Shivaya Naturals there’s an interview with none other than me! It’s all about the One Hundred Hats project, and there’s even a sweet giveaway at the end of the interview.

With this, the second interview I’ve done in as many weeks, hitting the internet, I thought I’d pause from my knitting to talk patterns.

I’ve said it before and I’ll continue saying it until I’m blue in the face: there’s some amazingly talented pattern-writers out there all over the internet, sharing their brilliance with the rest of the knitting and crochet community. In recent months I’ve joined them, both giving away and selling patterns over at A Devine Life. It’s been so much fun writing patterns, testing them out, and seeing others love and use them, and I thought I’d bring some of that magic over to One Hundred Hats.

And so I’m not just using other people’s patterns for these One Hundred Hats, I’m going to write a few of my own as well! The first pattern will debut sometime in mid-October, and will be named by the winner of the Shivaya Naturals giveaway!

Each of the patterns I write (and I’m hoping for somewhere between twelve and twenty over the course of the year!) will cost $4. While most of the patterns I write are free offerings for the knitting/crochet community, I’m going to charge for these patterns as a way to raise money for Warm Woolies. Half the proceeds from each sale will go directly to Warm Woolies, as a way to help off-set the cost of shipping these hats to kids in need.

As I debut each pattern, I’ll feature them on both One Hundred Hats as well as on A Devine Life (my normal spot to feature new patterns) as a way to get the word out about both the pattern and the project. I’ll also partner with any blog that wants to offer a copy of the pattern up in a giveaway, in exchange for letting me say a few words about the One Hundred Hats project, interview style. Shameless? Possibly. But it’s also a great way to get the word out about the project, making stuff for others, and changing the world.

So be on the lookout for hat patterns (like the hat m y brother is wearing in the photo above) to start coming your way on a regular basis, beginning in October.

And super-duper thanks to Heather of Shivaya Naturals for the amazing interview and the opportunity to involve the community in this great way! Good luck to those who enter the giveaway!

stella - finished (#6)

didn't get pictures of Stella taken until after work, so they're a bit dark. couple that with the dark color of the yarn, and the pictures aren't all that good. however, the hat? it's wonderful!!

the pattern is super fun to knit, easy to memorize and works up super fast. i'm still hung up on the cuteness of using yarn from the hat pattern designer as possibly the cutest thing ever, too.

i'll most likely end up adding some of this Cascade yarn to my stash for future projects after i bust through more of the yarn i've already got, i loved it so much. for those of you wanting to knit hats along with me, this would be a perfect pattern to start with. simple knits and purls, easily repeatable, this hat would look great with variegated or solid yarns and works up pretty fast!

Sep 10, 2009

Cubba, In Process (#5)

You may notice that Cubba looks a bit different than it did last time you met it. the yarn, possibly? And yes, you are right. It is very different.

See, I might have picked out the yarn before reading the pattern closely (what? you know you’ve done it!) and, as it turns out, the pattern calls for DK weight yarn instead of worsted! So it was to the glorious stash I went! I decided on some Rowan Pure Life that was sent over by Knitting School Dropout in a gorgeous marigold-ish color and set to work.

First off? I LOVE LOVE LOVE this yarn. It’s so smooth and wonderful it makes me giggle just to touch it. I’ve only ever used woolens I can buy at local big box stores (due mostly to my desire for new yarn when a group of us are out picking up scrapbook supplies), and so my knowledge of various yarn companies is pretty limited. So to be able to start testing out some other yarn types is pure bliss for me.

As for the pattern? I’m in love with it as well! I’m making the smallest size of this hat, meant for a small babe, and so it’s working up super fast. The ear-flaps called for in the pattern I’ve knit separately and will be attaching later, as is my way (can’t explain it, it’s just how I roll), which is not how the pattern has the hat being made, but I’m at peace with that.

By the end of the day I should have the whole thing done and be weaving in the ends, which is good because I want to try to power through another hat tomorrow. Yes, a one-day hat.

Because we have the last of our out-of-town visitors coming tomorrow night, and the weekend will be full of photo shoots for new patterns (to be released in late September/early October on A Devine Life), downtown meet-ups with friends, Husker football games, and potentially some karaoke. Which means, of course, that unless I get pictures posted by around 7pm tomorrow, it’ll be another long weekend of radio silence from me. But then it’s back to more regular knitting – I’ve got hats queued for DAYS in Ravelry (user name “adevinelife”) and tons of yarn coming in for new hats, so updates should pick up considerably. And … back to Cubba!

Sep 9, 2009

Tubey finished! (#4)

Got through Tubey (a pattern from Wee Wooly Toppers) before the weekend even started, but we were so busy moving furniture and painting our entire first floor that I didn’t get around to taking pictures of it until the weekend was long over.

A quick knit, this hat is perfect for a last-minute baby present – the largest size only took a day to work through! However, the largest size also came out fitting my head. It’s supposed to be an 18” hat, suitable for a child’s head, and I know that I don’t have a super-small head, so I don’t know if I knit it too big or what. the hat sure does fit me quite nicely however.

Hopefully there’ll be a cute older kid out there in the world who will love wearing this adorable hat! Other than that oddity, however, the hat is great and I love it!

Sep 3, 2009

Ripley - finished! (#3)

Ripley is off the needles and ready to be sent out to Warm Woolies. and while these may be the worst pictures i've taken of a hat to date, the hat was truly a fun little knit! i love how Ysolda has you attach the brim to the body of the hat, and the little rauching (that i'm wearing here at the nape of the neck) is the perfec little feminine touch. hopefully someone will love every minute of wearing this lovely little knit!

if i were to knit it again, i'd just go out and get some chunky yarn instead of doubling up the worsted yarn, as it made the knitting a bit cumbersome when creating the rauching. but that was my fault, not in any way a pattern note.

Sep 2, 2009

thought for today

today, remember. you are good enough. your voice matters. believe it. it doesn't take much more than that, I promise.

(quote from Irene Nam on her blog today)

gearing up for an interview with the local paper about this little project - i'll have lots more to report tomorrow, including another finished hat!

josie in the Ripley hat! (#3)

sorry the picture is blurry Josie!  the Ripley hat is officially finished and ready to be sent out! i brought it with me to the interview and Josie was a great sport and tried it on for me.  the interview went great, and i'll definitely let you all know when it's going to be in the local paper! coming shortly - a few more Ripley pictures and hat #4!

Sep 1, 2009

watch cap - finished (#2)

hat #2 is off the needles and ready to be sent on to keep someone's head a bit warmer as the winter approaches! once i got past the six inches of 2x2 ribbing which was causing me quite a bit of trouble - not due to the pattern - the Watch Cap hat flew off the needles begging to be tried on.

pluses to this pattern: it's all ribbing, so it will fit a wide variety of people. and with the large, fold-over brim, it can be pulled down just a bit tighter when the wind blows. the star-like shaping at the crown means the hat looks cute slouched a bit, but can be pulled super tight if need be.

negatives to this pattern? just that there's six full inches of 2x2 ribbing to cause me trouble at the beginning! it's really a great hat to knit, a fast knit under normal circumstances, and one that's perfect for charity knitting! as always, the donate button below can be used to help Warm Woolies get this hat (and others like it) to people who need it. consider donating a dollar to the cause!

hat #2 is off the needles and ready to be sent on to keep someone's head a bit warmer as the winter approaches! once i got past the six inches of 2x2 ribbing which was causing me quite a bit of trouble - not due to the pattern - the Watch Cap hat flew off the needles begging to be tried on.