Jul 30, 2011

a week in the life: Friday










woke up at 6:45am, as per usual; breakfast of cereal and soy milk - the cats always congregate and whine for the milk but they actually HATE soy! getting ready, and then off to work; snack at my desk; leftovers for lunch, so just a shot of the knitting and reading; shots from the lunch room at work.

and then we came home - at which point i fell asleep on the couch, waking briefly to eat dinner, only to fall back asleep! absolutely no shots from the evening!

Jul 29, 2011

thoughts at 35 weeks


{from Friday morning, drinking my morning glass of water}

I can't believe that in about a month our little man will be here! I keep saying that, over and over, because it never ceases to amaze!

In the past week we've managed to acquire just about everything else we'd need for him - hamper, burp cloths, more diapers and a wipes, the little stuff that you know you need but somehow either forget to register for or don't get.

He's still breech, by the way. Something like only 8% of babies are still breech at this point. While I know we can have an external version after 37 weeks, I'm super excited that - thanks to a chance encounter at my husband's work just yesterday - I've gotten hooked up with an acupuncturist in town who has huge success with flipping breech babes. We're going to try that first, and hope he takes the hint!

Everything is still swollen, my feet taking the cake at the end of the day if I haven't been able to put them up enough while at work. After just 30 minutes of laying around on the couch though, they go back to their new normal. I can't wait for fall, to be able to wear some of my old shoes again!

Yesterday Zach said my belly is starting to look "funny shaped" - it sure is! With the monster quickly running out of room on my 5'2" frame, you can now distinctly see where he's laying, as my belly distends in that direction. Creepy, yet super cool.

Of all the things I wish for the next five weeks, tops on my list is for the blasted heat to break so I can have a bit of reprieve! Can someone get on that for me?!?!?

week in the life: Thursday










I keep missing out on my morning routine!

After eating lunch, reading a book and knitting a bit; after work, doing some site updates; our fun new feeding tracker; a quick trip to Olive Garden because I was craving Italian food; Walmart for meds; at our "new parent" class, just took a few notes; filling up with gas afterwards!

Jul 28, 2011

week in the life: Wednesday



Wednesday was hard to remember to take photos! I'd do something and then five minutes later think, "I should have captured that one on camera"!

Some moments I missed ...

+ dinner with Tom and Caroline
+ folding more laundry
+ cats being cute
+ the morning routine

I managed to get these seven shots, and these seven only. Yarn peeking out of my purse at work; having to use the heater under my desk at work because the air is so cold; my lunch, waiting to be eaten; reading on my Kindle while knitting; DQ Blizzards for snacks; the building across the street - a guy who lives there puts out all those plants each morning ... so beautiful!; the knitting I started working on after work.

My goal over the next few days is to document with my phone a bit more ... I wonder if I'm forgetting to take photos, or if I'm simply nervous to take photos in public? My goal with participating in this week was to get more used to taking photos, documenting our lives. With that in mind, I think I'm already doing a great job, and I'm trying to see that, rather than the work that still needs to be done!

Jul 27, 2011

week in the life: Tuesday

Lots more pictures from Tuesday!



Lunch 3

Lunch 2

Lunch 1

Drive home 3

Drive home 2

Drive home 1








After work
Woke up, went to work. Didn't get photos in the morning - too tired! On lunch, Carla and I walked to Zios, my favorite pizza place in the Old Market! Some shots of our drive home from work - less eventful than usual!, and then I folded and started some laundry. Poppleton loves her sntch; waffles for dinner are the best! Watching True Blood with Melanie and Watson, then home to watch a bit of Battlestar Gallactica ... and check out those swollen feet!

Jul 26, 2011

week in the life: Monday

Well, my plan of posting late at night failed - looks like I'll be sharing these the next morning instead! Monday was a quiet day - much quieter than I'd planned. We had grand dreams of running errands, but after several hours of baby shopping on Sunday I was worn out of stores and wanted to just stay home!

First look
Our bed, never made.
Trash and laundry
After my shower, I try to grab the trash from upstairs on Mondays - trash day is Tuesday, so I grab stuff from the second floor on Monday, pile it up, and then take it outside.

Also, that's sort of always what our laundry looks like ...

To work
Our drive to work - between our house and work are a bunch of industrial buildings.
To work 1
Our favorite part of our drive to work - the building on the left. It, and its twin on the other side of the street, has been abandoned for several years. A company recently bought the buildings and have been renovating them at lightning speed ... just down the street from us! It's wonderful to watch the neighborhood revitalize!


Lunch at work - leftovers, knitting and my Kindle!
New shoes

My new shoes! The only shoes I had left that fit were some ratty old flip flops - pregnancy swelling is no fun! I found these mocassins at Target, and snapped them up! Here's hoping I don't stretch them out so much I can't wear them this fall!

After work


And back home. Like I mentioned, we had tons of plans ... they all got shelved because I was super tired, and we ended up sitting on the couch all night. I wound a few balls of acrylic yarn, set about knitting for the rest of the night, and Zach watched a bunch of Futurama. Good times!

loving lately: giving the gift of Gussy


As a small way to say thanks to my friends for the shower they so thoughtfully planned, I purchased two medium Gussy pouches. I love my large Gussy pouch so much, I knew these ladies would fall hard for Gussy's ruffle and deceptively roomy puches, and boy was I right!

After taking a few minutes to decide who got which pouch, they both declared they would use them as their daily wallets.

One friend said it was the perfect thing to toss in her diaper bag for her cards and cash - cute enough to just grab out and carry on its own, but also easy to find amongst her boy's diapers and toys!

The other friend said it's the perfect little wallet to carry as a clutch when she heads out and about on the town, and that hers will go PERFECTLY in her purse as her daily wallet as well!


Inside each pouch, I put in a few extra goodies - I had a blast raiding the sale sections at Bath and Body Works, and grabbed each lady some hand sanitizer, some Rose Salve, and a few travel nail files. And you know I left Gussy's cards in each pouch so the laides could hand them out!

It felt great to give a little back to these ladies who spent so much time showering me with love, and it was such an easy way to do it - simply pick up a few products I knew they'd love and hand them over!