Oct 22, 2015

Anthologie Scarf

Pattern: Anthologie Scarf, by Ewe Ewe Yarns
Yarn: Ewe So Sporty - five skeins, one each five different colors
Hook: 5.5mm / US I

Oh, hello there blog! I feel like I've forgotten you existed - has it really been a month? Does it make it worse that I shared this scarf on Instagram like three weeks ago? Probably. Let's not talk about it, and just move on.

I found myself with a large selection of Ewe So Sporty yarn in my stash, and I just kept looking at it. I know, it should have become hats. That just makes sense, doesn't it? But I'd just finished 1,000 hats, and wanted a break. (Who knew it would have lasted this long?!)

And so a quick and fun scarf found its way into my project bag - simple crochet stitches with a fun and unique construction means this scarf can be made by a beginner crocheter, but even someone who's been crocheting most of their life will find it a fun project. I whipped it up in just two (three?) days, we snapped some super fast photos in the back yard like two weeks later (I KNOW!), and then the weather warmed up so I couldn't even wear it until .... well, it's still too warm for scarves!

Let's pretend it's cold enough for scarves though, because I'm in love with this one!